Golf Instruction

Golfletics Performance Center (GPC) is committed to creating top notch programs and providing the best quality of instruction and customer service.

GPC’s teaching philosophy is to create customized customer-centric plans that engage the individual not only on the mechanics of the swing, but also creating a plan that is tailored to the individual goals of the client.  We want to capitalize on their strengths and efficiently improve weaknesses.  GPC will utilize key metrics and data to ensure we are taking the best path to success.


GPC values the golf and fitness connection as it has continued to grow for both the recreational golfers and tour professionals.  As technology has developed, golfers have adapted their training methods and the path to improvement has evolved to include specific fitness workouts.  Through technology and education, amateur golfers now have the same access to information that the best tour players are currently utilizing.

Our technology includes Foresight launch monitors that are used by top equipment companies and tour players. 

We also utilize 3D motion capture through K-Motion and K-Vest to show the swing in

3D and improve both golf and fitness to create the best path to success. 


This technology also allows us to accurately assess the Bio-mechanics of the swing and work with our students on their Kinematic Sequence.


Instruction Rates


Be Golfletic Complete Assessment - $225

  • K-Vest Swing Analysis

  • TPI 16-Point Assessment

  • 30-minute training session

  • 30-minute golf lesson


Golf Instruction - Base Rates

  • $95 - one-hour lesson

  • $65 – one-hour junior


Packages – Regular (All packages must be used within one year)

  • $265 – 3-Lesson Package

  • $480 – 6-Lesson Package


Packages – Junior (All packages must be used within one year)

  • $180 – 3-Lesson Package

  • $330 – 6-Lesson Package


*Contact us about reduced group rates

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