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About Us

Golfletics Performance Center (GPC)

GPC is a new facility in Coralville, Iowa and your new home to Play, Practice, and Train.  

Our facility provides (3) state-of-the-art golf simulators provided by Foresight Sports.  The simulators offer the chance to play realistic world-famous courses or have fun with the family at the Foresight Fairgrounds in any weather! 

GPC is a practice spot for golfers of all abilities. 


Whether you are just looking to improve your weekend score or wanting to take your game to the next level, GPC is your spot.  We utilize the best technology to individualize and customize your practice goals.  


GPC also has a 600 square foot fitness area for individual and group training with brand new equipment focusing on functional movement to improve your golf swing and your everyday movement. 

We also partner with the leading golf brands to provide you with customized clubs to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment.

Austin Kopp, PGA, TPI - Owner

I have worked in the golf and fitness industries for over a decade.  I was fortunate to work with a great team as a PGA Head Professional at a vibrant golf facility in Chicago area called The Preserve at Oak Meadows. 


During my time as Head Pro, we undertook a large-scale renovation that approached golf from a different perspective, and looked at how golf and nature can have a symbiotic relationship.  The result was a property that won the Green Star award from Golf Digest as a beacon for how the two can not only co-exist but mutually benefit. 

Assisting in many aspects of the project showed me that with an end goal in mind, excellence can be achieved.

My current goal is to create a facility and programs that show the symbiotic relationship of golf and fitness and how not only your game, but also your life can improve when both are focused together.

In my previous experience, I had the opportunity to teach golfers of all skill levels from top amateurs and college golfers to the true weekend warriors. 

I have worked with and developed programs for golfers with varying physical abilities and throughout all stages of the life span.  I believe in developing programs that engage golfers and emphasize the enjoyment of playing golf.

My teaching philosophy is to create customized, customer-centric plan that engages not only the mechanics of the swing, but is also tailored to the individual goals of the client. 

I want to capitalize on their strengths and efficiently improve weaknesses. 

I will utilize key metrics and data to ensure we are taking the best path to success.

Doug Kopp - Owner

Doug is a lifelong golf and fitness enthusiast. 

He plays several times per week and is always exploring how to improve his golf and maintain his fitness. 

He recently retired from a long tenure as an executive at Alliant Energy. 

His big picture emphasis and leadership experience carryover seamlessly to the golf industry. 

He is excited to be a partner in a family business that helps promote his passions for golf and fitness.

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