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TPI Fitness Training

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Golfletics Performance Center (GPC) provides Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified programs.

Our owner, Austin Kopp is both a Class A PGA Member, and TPI Certified. 

TPI is the industry leader in golf fitness and defining the biomechanics of the golf swing.  TPI staff have gathered data on thousands of swings ranging from tour players to amateurs to create a system to diagnose and treat swing flaws not only due to mechanics but also possible limitations in the body.  This knowledge is integral in not only diagnosing swing flaws and addressing improvement, but also preventing injury.

At GPC, we recognize the importance of a fitness routine and understand your initial 16-point TPI assessment in injury prevention and improving your golf game and your everyday functionality.  We connect the dots from fitness to golf performance. 

One valuable tool to use in tandem with your TPI initial Assessment is our K-Vest 3D analysis of your Kinematic Sequence

We strongly recommend beginning with our Be Golfletic Assessment, or an initial TPI Assessment.

Daily Gym Access Fee - $8 (available around GPC class schedule)


Be Golfletic Complete Assessment - $250

  • K-Vest Swing Analysis

  • TPI 16-Point Assessment

  • 30-minute training session

  • 30-minute golf lesson


TPI Training

  • $140 Initial TPI Assessment with training session and workout plan approx. 75-90 minutes

  • $70 – one hour for session



  • $260 for 4 – one-hour sessions

  • $440 for 8 – one-hour sessions

*Contact us about reduced group rates and classes.

*Please visit frequently as we will continually add new programs and classes.

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