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What technology do you use?

What is Titleist Performance Institute?

  • Golfletics Performance Center (GPC) provides Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified programs.

  • Our owner, Austin Kopp is both a Class A PGA Member, and TPI Certified. 

  • TPI is the industry leader in golf fitness and defining the biomechanics of the golf swing. 

    • TPI staff have gathered data on thousands of swings ranging from tour players to amateurs to create a system to diagnose and treat swing flaws not only due to mechanics but also possible limitations in the body. 

    • This knowledge is integral in not only diagnosing swing flaws and addressing improvement, but also preventing injury.



Why is fitness so important to my golf success?


  • Golf and fitness have not always been associated.  It was golfers like Gary Player who were on the forefront of the of the importance of fitness to your golf game. 

  • Most famously brought to the mainstream by Tiger Woods whose dominance is largely credited to his physical routine and dedication. 

  • Current golfers like Brooks Koepka and most recently Bryson Dechambeau have continued to embrace fitness in golf.

  • Improved strength, flexibility, and endurance are keys to todays game. 

    • The number one statistic correlated with the money list on the PGA Tour is driving distance, which creates a new adage “drive for dough and putt for show!”



How do you track practice and playing progress?

  • We track practice and playing progress through our software with K-Coach and Foresight Sports (links above for more information)

  • Both platforms provide advanced metrics related to what your body and club are doing during the swing, and how that affects the golf ball. 

  • We use this data to create custom training and practice plans to efficiently improve your golf game. 

  • We strongly recommend starting with our 16-point TPI assessment and then progressing to a K-Vest analysis prior to starting on a training or practice regimen. 

  • Our one stop shop is the Be Golfletic Assessment!

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