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Indoor Golf Leagues

Contact us at 319-569-1240 or for more information and registration.

League Rules & Info

  • The main goal is to have fun, maintain or even improve your golf game during the offseason.

  • We will offer prizes in the form of gift certificates, and prizes will be determined by the number of teams entered.

  • Session 1 will run 11/12/2023 - 12/23/2023

    • A winner will be based on accumulated points.

  • Session 2 will run 1/7/2024 -  3/31/2024 (Final date subject to playoffs and number of entries)

    • Season 2 will consist of an eight week regular season followed by a championship bracket and consolation bracket style playoff system.


  • 2 – player teams playing 9-hole net best ball (each player plays their own ball and only the lowest score is applied)

    • Each team will have one combined 9-hole score at the end of the round.​

  • Teams will play against another team each week and points will be as follows


  • Players must provide a handicap, or a league handicap will be assigned based on your average score.

    • Weeks 1 and 2 will be used to establish handicaps and will be tracked and adjusted throughout the season.​

In Play

  • Courses from around the world will be pre-selected and will vary week to week.

    • Tees are selected depending on handicap, age and gender.​


  • All rounds must be completed between Sunday and Saturday in the given week for the specific course.

    • There will be NO CARRY-OVER rounds to the following week.​

    • Standings will be updated every Sunday for the previous week's scores.

  • Important: After you complete your round, you must sign your card & turn it in before you leave.​

Food & Drinks

  • BYOB is allowed, but please, no liquor.

  • Outside food is allowed as long as everything is pre-approved and cleaned up by each group.

League fees will be collected on the first day of league.

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